Improvement of fine lines, scars, pores and more........


Fractional Radiofrequency

Comfortable applicator with 64 micro-electrode points of contact with the skin for fractional damage leaving surrounding tissue unaffected for quick healing and recovery.

Three different programs generate different levels of thermal stimulation at different skin depths with minimal disruption in the epidermis and wider effect in the deeper layers.


3 Effects:

  • Ablation (micro ablation).
  • Coagulation.
  • Heating.


  • Elimination of fine lines.
  • Scars and pores.
  • Acne scars.
  • Skin irregularities.
  1. Photoaging.
  2. Lack of tone and radiance.
  3. Hypertrofic scars.
  4. Stretch marks.
  5. Keratosis.